richard stodart d r e a m m a k i n g

What Is This That Comes Thus 2007 acrylic on canvas 38" x 38 "








Entire being ("What") is being-time ("This") passing through entire time ("Thus") — "What is This that comes Thus."

In Dogen’s Zen, both experience and thought are at once deconstructed and reconstructed through nonthinking.

From the perspective of expression (dokutu), nonthinking is
none other than the "thinking" costodian of emptiness that is nonthinking. Nonthinking explicates entire time (the singualr liberating momentum as the power of emptiness) by way of the creative interaction between the already expressed (thinking; being-time) and the not yet expressed/the inexpressible (not-thinking; entire being).

The expressible in this context is a clearer, more penetrating discrimination of the koan of entire being/being-time, as it passes through entire time: "What" (not-thinking; ko) is "This" (thinking; an) that comes "Thus" (nonthinking; right thinking).