"The essential point is this: every entire being in the entire world is each time an [independent] time, even while it makes a continuous series. Inashmuch as they are being-time, they are my being-time.

...Entirely worlding the entire world with the entire world is thus called "penetrating exhaustively" To immediately manifest the bodying of the tall golden Buddha with the body of the tall golden Buddha as the arising of the religious mind, as practice, as enlightenment, as nirvana — that is being, that is time. One does nothing but penetrate exhaustively entire time as entire being. There is nothing remaining left over."

...All is the immediate presencing here and now being-time."

—Dogen, S, "Uji"



richard stodart d r e a m m a k i n g

Golden Body 2008 acrylic on board 30" x 40"

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