R I C H A R D  
S T O D A R T      f r e e  a n d  e a s y  w a n d e r i n g : m a r k i n g s  o n  t h e  w a y

Tolerance: marking three
14 in x 22 in, acrylic on paper © 1991

Integration: marking four
14 in x 22 in, acrylic on paper © 1991

Discrimination: marking five
14.75 in x 21.5 in, acrylic on paper © 1991





Grounded in a Taoist transmission of nonduality, Free and Easy Wandering is a process of awakening from confinement to inherited beliefs to individuation and freedom, in and through the reason of emptiness. This process of nonduality is expressed in twelve stages or Markings.

MONKEY AND SAGE: Markings One to Six.

Realizing that he has been misled by wrong views of duality as dualism that represses the thought of enlightnenment, Monkey sets out to penetrate the limitation in those views through the wisdom of right thinking. His recognition of widsom brings his enlightened Sage into view, which lifts him out of dualism into the clear differentiation of undefiled duality.

THE CULTIVATOR: Markings Six to Ten

Harmonized in unconditional relaxation in Marking Six, Monkey/Sage becomes the Cultivator who recognizes the mysterious power of emptiness immersed in the earth and sky. Through practice-in-enlightenment, the Cultivator explores the meditative expanse of the universe of not-thinking equality that illuminates and expands differentiated thinking. Coming from within thinking and not-thinking, the Cultivator experiences earth and sky existence-time as the reflexivity of relationship, and begins to live at the very heart of nature in full recognition of the reason of emptiness. Fully reflexive as practice-in-enlightenment/enlightenment-in-practice, the Cultivator is called a Hsien.

THE IMMORTAL HSIEN : Markings Ten to Twelve

Exercising the reflexivity of existence-time/entire-time, in and through the wisdom power of emptiness, a Hsien makes a dream of undefiled eyesight that sees the flowers of emptiness blooming everywhere in the world.

Free And Easy Wandering:
Markings On the Way

Fourth Lloyd Productions, 2007
84 page, paper
ISBN: 978-0-9717806-3-7
8.5 x 11 inches, 17 color plates $29.00
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Free and Easy Wandering: Markings On The Way examines the nondual view of a Taoist allegory, in which a wanderer experiences autonomy, aloneness and detachment in a twelve-fold path of nonduality.