richard stodart tokamitsu

Passage 2011 acrylic on canvas 36 " x 36 "


"As the time right now is all there is, each being-time is without exception entire time... Entire being, the entire world, exists in the time of each and every now. Just reflect: right now, is there an entire being or an entire world missing from your present time, or not.... Being time has the virtue of seriatim passage. It passes from today to tomorrow, passes from yesterday to today, passes from today to today, passes from tomorrow to tomorrow, this because passing seriatim is a virtue of time. Past time and present time do not overlap or pile up in a now--and yet Ch'ing-yuan is time, Huang-po is time. Ma-tsu and Shih-tou are times too. Since self and other are both times, practice and realization are times."

— Dogen, S, "Uji"