"Because the universe and all things
are, as such, pictures,
both humans and things actualize
themselves through pictures."

Dogen (S, "Gabyo", 1242)

"A work may have sap—yogic plasticity—athletic and effective and not heavy, odorous, obscene, so far as it commands grace and promptitude, and employs nervous range, conductivity, precision. Then it may be irresistibly stimulating and seductive, producing a charmed atmosphere of perfume, colour, ozone, electricity, in which new transitions, new perceptions, new events are possible.

More increase of sap without tension, without effective relation with dryness, produces vegetation—multiplication, flaccidity, delay; but more and more condensed, resourceful and subtle sappiness is required to retain greenness and flexibility in the most generous and uncompromising light. And then, as for tropical flowers, new colours, new forms, new prefumes, new virtues and poisons, wider and more direct, or by intoxication merely more ingenious biological relationships and interchange are possible."

—Lewis Thompson
The Fathomless Heart




s o m e o n e   n o n t h i n k i n g, 2015, acrylic on canvas, 66 " x 66 "

R I C H A R D  S T O D A R T      o p e n i n g  a n d  i l l u m i n i n g:   p i c t u r e  i s  r e a l i t y,  r e a l i t y  i s  p i c t u r e      

A B S T R A C T  
   general abstract

   free and easy wandering:
  the immortals

   general figurative
   early work


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D r e a m M a k i n g

November 3 to December 30, 2017

The Intimacy of Picture/Reality

Paintings by Richard Stodart
Words by Dr. Hee-Jin Kim

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m a r y  m a g d a l e n e  l i t h o g r a p h

There is a touchstone—Salvation.
There is a temporal condition—Sacrifice.
There is access to their dynamic functioning—Faith.
There is a name—Jesus (Affirmation).
This is direct and immediate access to the Trinity.
It is undefiled sacrifice-salvation.


u n b o u n d  l i t h o g r a p h