Free And Easy Wandering

About The Series

From ancient times to the present, from Homer's Odyssey to Dereck Walcott's epic poem, Omeros, the hero journeys to faraway places in search of adventure and freedom.  Free and Easy Wandering: Markings on the Way is part of this traditional adventure, a journey of discovery of the truth of existence in the sweeping landscape of human and cosmic nature.

Twelve Markings make up the landscape.  Like postcards sent home, they show the outlines of the landscape and the quality and mood of the wanderer's experience.  The journey occurs in three phases: relating with autonomy, relating with aloneness, and relating with detachment. At Marking twelve, "Nonduality," the wanderer returns home with realization, or continues on in unaccountable ways that benefit all beings and things.

  • Phase One: Relating With Autonomy—Markings One through Six
  • Phase Two: Relating With Aloneness—Marking Seven through Nine 
  • Phase Three: Relating With Detachment—Markings Ten Through Twelve