Glimpses Of Love

Dynamic Energy

The total exertion of cast off dynamic energy expresses the intimacy of the earth and sky as love, in which a peak or glimpse of original realization is glimpsed and actualized. 

In the rasas of Indian art, this glimpse of delight is referred to as a shringa.   Of all the rasas, Shringara or Erotic Sentiment is called the king of the sentiments — "the sweetest and most exhilirating" — whose enduring state is love.

Through the visual vocabulary of love, earth and sky, thinking and not thinking, expressive activity and active expression, differentiation and equality, entwine nondually in these glimpses of intimacy, in and through emptiness.

Unbound, offset lithograph

Unbound, offset lithograph

Dynamic Energy

Dynamic Energy In Male and Female Existence-time

Fourth Lloyd Productions, 

2019, 28 pages, paperback 

ISBN: 978-0-9889391-6-5 

8" x 10", color plates 

Available from fourthlloydproductions@gmail

The total exertion of dynamic energy is explored in the context of Dogen's Soto Zen realizational dynamic perspective of cast off existence-time/Buddha-nature-impermanence, in and through emptiness.  In this discriminative dynamic, equilibrium between language and the universe is engendered and cultivated with great care.   In essence, duality is empowered as a clear discriminative focus of darkness, differentiation, and thinking, intimately  entwined with nonduality as a  clear discriminative focus of light, equality, and not-thinking: "As one side is illumined, the other is darkened".

Dynamic energy is also explored in the context of Rowena Pattee-Kryder's revaluation of T'ai Chie inTaoist yoga, in which energy in the Functional (front) and Governor (back) channels of the body circulates differently for the male and female.  Thus, their modes of thought, intuition, action, and creativity are intra-active and dyanmic and a benefit to the world when engaged with great care.

The images below are used to illustrate the book.


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