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Dynamic Energy

The intimacy of the earth and sky is one of love, in which original realization is glimpsed  and gone beyond.  In the rasas of Indian art, this glimpse  is referred to as a shringa  of delight.   Of all the rasas, Shringara or Erotic Sentiment is called the king of the sentiments — "the sweetest and most exhilarating" — whose enduring state is love.

Through the visual vocabulary of love in these glimpses of intimacy, earth and sky — thinking and not thinking, expressive activity and active expression, differentiation and equality — nondually entwine , in and through emptiness.

Unbound, offset lithograph
Unbound, offset lithograph

Dynamic Energy

Dynamic Energy In Male and Female Existence-time

Fourth Lloyd Productions, 

2019, 28 pages, paperback 

ISBN: 978-0-9889391-6-5 

8" x 10", color plates 

$15.00 + shipping

Order from fourthlloydproductions@gmail with Paypal.

Time is existence, existence is time — existence-time: the realizational/dynamic perspective in Dogen's Soto Zen.  Energy temperature differs for the male and female in the Functional (front) and Governor (back) channels of the body: the  revaluated perspective in Rowena Pattee-Kryder's Taoist yoga.

Dynamic Energy In Male And Female Existence-time explores these two perspectives through these questions:

1)  Has there ever been a time missing from existence, or not?

2)  If time is not missing from existence or passing by, how does the  creative power of active expression and expressive activity in male and  female existence-time function as warm and harmonious dynamic energy in  all relations?  What weighs their existence-time for equilibrium and  fairness?

With illustrations and paintings by the author, Dynamic Energy In Male And Female Existence-time is a must read for anyone interested in dynamic energy or working dynamically in the field of energy relations. 

This  book is very well done, a reflection of your artistic and cognitive  precision!  I look at it with deep appreciation and a sense of wonder.   Your offering is uniquely organic and personal; a brilliant artifact of  your spiritual process.

     —Stephen Haines

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Images below are used to illustrate the book.


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