a dream-within a dream-making a dream

"Every crystal-clear manifestation of the entire world is a dream;
this dream is none other than all things that are absolutely lucid.

One's doubt of this itself is a dream; 

life's confusion is a dream as well.  . . .

At this very moment, all things are a dream, are within a dream, and expound [make] a dream. 

As we study things, roots and stalks, branches and leaves, flowers and fruits, lights and colors, 

we see that all are a great dream. Never mistake this for a dreamy state of mind.  . . . 

Who could doubt that a dream is enlightenment, 

since enlightenment is beyond doubt? 

Who could recognize this dream, 

since it is not related to recognition? . . . 

As unsurpassable enlightenment is unsurpassable enlightenment, 

so the dream is called a dream."

— Eihei Dogen, S, "Muchu Setsumu" (1242)


The Intimacy Of Picture/Reality

Human fallibility (amid delusion/dream) and 

human perfectability (beyond delusion/dream) 

entwine as foci of thinking and meditation, 

 in and through emptiness. 

Paintings by Richard Stodart.
Words by Hee-Jin Kim

Fourth Lloyd Productions, 2013
84 pages, paper ISBN: 978-0-9889391-1-0
10" x 7," 22 color plates $39.95


Book Excerpt

Expounding/Making Dream

Dogen writes: 

"If you fall because of the ground,

you rise always because of the sky,

and it is altogether impossible to rise

apart from the sky.

If you fall because of the sky,

you rise always because of the ground,

and it is altogether impossible to rise

apart from the ground."

Since there is no way out of the dream,

the only way to live authentically is within a dream,

to go beyond a dream by way of

expounding/making a dream.

"The path of progress in realization"

consists not in supplanting dream

so much as clarifying, penetrating, and 

surpassing it in and through itself.

"Seeing things as they are" is "liberation" (todatsu)—

"penetrating and casting off the whole body" and

"the whole being penetrated and cast off.

Every  practitioner's task is to make or change things

by seeing through their "undefiledness" (fuzenna).

This the kernel of negotiating the Way.

—From Meditation and Thinking by Hee-Jin Kim, 

Affirmation, acrylic on canvas
Affirmation, acrylic on canvas

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